"After helping Olivia get into Stanford, Elizabeth is now working with our second daughter, Victoria. Elizabeth has a special way with children. She is exciting and fun to work with. She knows how to uplift children’s spirits and motivate them to do their best. She is enthusiastic, yet disciplined in the way she works. She really cares and my daughter knows it. We think anyone who has the opportunity to work with Elizabeth should do it and do it before any problems develop. If you want your children to succeed, and who doesn’t, we would strongly recommend they work with Elizabeth for academic counseling and college advising early on in the high school years."

Dale and Alan Morgan
Daughter, Olivia, Stanford University
Daughter, Victoria, UC Santa Cruz

"Elizabeth LaScala was the most influential and supportive person in my college search and application process. I had a difficult time during my junior year of high school balancing elite sports obligations and academic expectations. Sadly, the situation hurt my grades. I felt hopeless and my dreams of attending a fine university were crushed. I contacted Elizabeth and her help was beyond anything that I could have possibly gotten anywhere else. Because of her guidance, I am enrolled at Stanford University with a swimming scholarship. With her support I have opportunities today that I never would have dreamed possible."

Olivia Morgan
Stanford University

"Elizabeth was super supportive even across the continent. She helped me to both realize and then focus on my academic strengths. Thank you!"

Stefan Morgan
McGill University

"Working with Elizabeth was a great experience. My son was a student at Cal Poly and decided to change majors since he was struggling. He attended a community college to improve his grades and determine what major would be best for him. By the time he improved his grades, the schools in California were impacted by the state’s financial crisis and he had no idea how to get back into any school.

Elizabeth met with my son and reviewed his transcripts and suggested he apply to CSU schools. She even contacted and put my son in touch with transfer counselors at Cal State East Bay and SF State. He was then able to take charge. He even was motivated enough to get on line for community college coursework registration at 4am one morning to ensure he would get the classes he need to transfer! That would never have happened without Elizabeth’s proactive and positive approach. My son has been accepted to SF State in the spring. Without Elizabeth’s guidance I truly believe Richard would not be back in school with a bright future in business."

Scott Baines
Son, Richard
San Francisco State University

"You’ve helped me tremendously with everything regarding my applications. I just received news of my acceptance at Stanford! I realize how lucky I am to be admitted into this fine school. You did wonders helping me brainstorm my essay topics and improve my overall writing.Thank you again for all the help and hopefully I will see you again in the future. Come to one of my games! I will send you the schedule!"

Davis Clute
College-bound student athlete
Stanford University

"Elizabeth delivers everything she promises and more. She was our guide through the entire college application process until all admission decisions were in. Ryan had many great options to consider and it was a tough decision for our family. Elizabeth and her team did some in depth research for us on each selection, including total cost of attendance over 4 years and the strengths and weaknesses of each college based on our son’s academic interests and the kind of school he always wanted to attend. Big sports, very large school near a major city and strong internship opportunities. Ultimately, we had the scholarship money our family needed to make it work and Ryan was able to make a decision about what college he was most excited to attend!"

Susan and Mike Cohen
Son, Ryan
Ohio State University
Honors Program

Elizabeth LaScala - College Advisor

“The greatest reward is to know that you have actually affected a young person’s life in a positive way. This is the reason I started working in education and continues to be the source of my boundless motivation and energy.”

~ Elizabeth LaScala