"Jordan got into every school he applied to and just accepted offer of admission from the University of Pittsburgh! You have been so wonderful through this process, as you were when you worked with our first son who is thriving at the University of South Carolina’s Honors College. I have given your name to 2 more families in the last week!"

Cara Hardwick Son, Jordan University of Pittsburgh

"Elizabeth, you had a huge role in helping our son accomplish his dream to attend a good university where he can also continue to play football and be supported by the right college atmosphere. In the fall, Caleb will have a position on the varsity team, and a full academic course load. We really appreciate all you have done for Caleb and all you will continue to do for our youngest, Krista!"

Kelley and Chris Casimere Son, Caleb

"Matthew is enjoying his senior year at Acalanes and has several great college choices, thanks to you! He was accepted at Trinity, Puget Sound with very significant scholarships, and his first choice Chapman University, where he is excited to play baseball. Please feel free to connect me with prospective families, and I will be happy to sing your praises!"

Beth and Drew Burns Son, Matthew Chapman University

"We were so fortunate to begin working with Elizabeth when our oldest daughter was in her sophomore year of high school, and we continued to rely on her vast knowledge and tremendous expertise all the way through the college application process. There’s no doubt in our minds that Elizabeth’s guidance made the college application process far less stressful for our daughter and exceedingly more manageable for our family. Having Elizabeth in our corner made the essential difference in the outcome for our daughter, who is now enjoying her freshman year at the school of her dreams!"

Marci and Patrick Dunne Daughter, Libby Emory University

"Today I got into both University of California Davis and University of Chicago, and received merit aid at both! I’m really happy and proud. Thanks for all your support as I don’t think I could have done it without you."

Kevin Johnston
University of Chicago

"I am so thankful that we applied to a wide range of schools per your guidance. There are many students in our school district that did not do so, and have fewer or some even no options for a 4 year college this fall. Many will be going to community colleges, which are already overflowing with students. Almost all of our son's friends (many of them with superior academic and extracurricular achievements) did not get accepted to schools typically perceived to be within their range. We have much to be grateful and we appreciate how you systematically and caringly shared your college admissions wisdom with us."

Bernice Dea (parent) Son, Wally, Class of 2018

Elizabeth LaScala - College Advisor

“The greatest reward is to know that you have actually affected a young person’s life in a positive way. This is the reason I started working in education and continues to be the source of my boundless motivation and energy.”

~ Elizabeth LaScala