There are several transfer paths a student may choose to follow including transfer from a 2-year college to a 4-year institution or from one 4-year school to another.

Doing College has helped many students understand and access the transfer path options for:

  • California’s Community College System and the University of California campuses
  • California’s Community College System and the California State University campuses
  • Private colleges and universities throughout the nation and abroad

Due to the many students nationwide seeking to transfer from one college to another, for one reason or another, the 2 hour minimum consultation fee has been put into place for transfer students.

In the first 2 hour paid consultation, Doing College provides an overview of transfer admissions from different types of colleges (community colleges, in-state and out-of-state public transfer options and private school transfer admissions), as well as the pros and cons of each and common pitfalls. We also can review a student’s academic history and help establish college and career goals.

Subsequent counseling sessions can accomplish the following objectives:

  • Identify which transfer path(s), private and/or public, is right for you
  • Provide a specific plan for the transfer process focused on the student’s particular interests and needs coupled with the transfer school requirements
  • Develop a transfer college list balanced by admission probability
  • Provide an organizing session to establish admission requirements and set a timeline
  • Provide full guidance for essay development and completion of transfer applications

All sessions are currently held online.

Contact Doing College to set up a phone consultation with Elizabeth LaScala to discuss our services.

Doing College offers educational consulting services to students and their parents in Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda and greater California, as well as nationally and internationally.