The Final Decision

Many families want assistance sorting out offers of admission, so Doing College offers a one-time review of options to help ensure your teen attends a good college. A good college can be defined as one that offers your student a degree path that can be realistically completed in 4 years, even if the student changes majors. A good college offers a strong career center to help the student set career direction and test it early on enough to know if it is right for them. A good college should also have a reputation for helping a student graduate with little to no debt.

2 or 5-hour prepaid consultation if not part of our Comprehensive Services

Value Analysis and Student Debt Forecast

Student loans are often viewed negatively, in part because they are associated with the rising cost of higher education. Yet many students could not go to college without the help of a loan. When college students borrow judiciously, they can build a sound credit history, add value to their lives now and prepare for their future. Some families who can pay full college costs choose to have their student take out loans to fund part of college expenses, so the student becomes a stakeholder in their own education. Other families borrow to relieve the strain of tuition payments, even if they do not qualify for need-based aid. Doing College can provide a value analysis and student debt forecast, so that your family can use loans wisely, and students will end up with a manageable debt, while building and maintaining a good credit history.

Special Circumstances

What happened and what should we do?

Doing College also offers guidance for special circumstances that arise in the admissions world. This 2 or 5-hour consultation can be beneficial to high school seniors who have been rejected everywhere and are not sure what to do, or for those waitlisted at schools and asking how to show continued interest or wanting to appeal a decision. Others may have been offered spring or alternate campus admission.
2 or 5-hour prepaid consultation

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Doing College offers educational consulting services to students and their parents in Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda and greater California, as well as nationally and internationally.