Ready to start planning for college? It’s never too early.

Making the transition from middle school to high school is a big change for students and their families. The coursework in both the middle school and high school years lays a firm foundation for college admissions. Meeting minimal criteria for college may make a student eligible but it will not make a student competitive. Find out how Doing College can help ensure your academic preparation keeps open all your educational options.

Middle School Students

Middle school classes set the foundation for high school coursework and the high school academic record is at the heart of the college application.
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High School Freshmen and Sophomores

Careful planning during the first years of high school makes a big impact on your chances for admission when you apply to college.
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High School Juniors

The Junior Initial Working Session is the starting point for ensuring a well-matched college list and developing strong and cohesive college applications.
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High School Seniors

Seniors in high school may have very focused advising needs, like some essay guidance, or they may need comprehensive services that expertly cover all the admission milestones in a more condensed timeframe.
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College Transfer Students

There are several transfer paths a student may choose to follow including transfer from a 2-year community college to a 4-year public or private school. Some transfer students wish to move from one 4-year school to another that better suits their changing needs and circumstances. We can help you explore all your options and develop an action plan that’s right for your transfer needs.
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Graduate Students and Professional School Applicants

Applying successfully to programs to earn an advanced degree requires careful planning. It starts with taking the right coursework in college, doing your best on the required standardized tests and volunteering as well as working in the specific areas that are important to admissions committees.
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“Elizabeth, as a family, we are so grateful to you for helping Henry! I am completely convinced that there is no way that he would have ever ended up at the University of Miami if it had not been for you. To start, none of us had ever heard of it, and then there was the distance…but in the end, this school has been nothing short of fantastic and turned out to be the best fit EVER.

It was a great suggestion and clearly you heard everything that he said he wanted in a campus. He is really thriving and has already decided to stay an extra year so that he can complete his Master’s at the end of 5 years. He made it into the amazing Miami Commitment Program and has a wonderful part time job and terrific advisors in about every category one could think of.

Thank you again for everything! Because of you Henry is thriving at college in ways that Mike and I could have never imagined.”

Nancy and Mike Baglietto
Son, Henry
University of Miami