Careful planning during each year in high school makes a big impact on your chances for admission when you apply to college.

This is true whether the student is considering in- or out-of-state public school systems, private colleges or even international universities. Doing College meets with 9th and 10th graders and their families to provide an overview of the college admissions process, a detailed roadmap for the high school years and recommendations for significant activities for involvement both in and out of school.

Courtesy Session

This complimentary phone or Zoom consultation is to get acquainted with students and parents. Doing College will discuss our services and how they apply to your current level of need.

Next, we will proceed with a Contract Review Session to review the services we think are appropriate for the grade level of your teen. This session helps parents understand what Doing College does, what we won’t do, and what is expected of parents and students.

Freshmen: Should you decide to work with Doing College, and the contractual agreement has been made, after the first semester of your freshman year, we will continue with up to 4 hours of Update Sessions to make sure your student is on track. Doing College can provide guidance on course planning, extracurricular involvement, and answer parent/student questions.

Sophomores: As a sophomore, should you decide to work with Doing College, and the contractual agreement has been made, we will continue with up to 6 hours of Sophomore Update Sessions.

All sessions are currently held online.

Update Sessions

Many parents and younger students want to better understand the workings of college admissions and how the decisions parents and students make now can influence outcomes later. These educational sessions are designed to fully inform families and help to motivate students to make the most of their high school years in these ways:

  • Review grades and coursework using school transcripts and course offerings to create a 4-year academic plan that strives to keep open all your college options
  • Advise on standardized testing options and timelines that work best for your student given high school coursework taken and still to come, prior testing and scores, and student’s learning style
  • Provide guidance about different forms of enrichment activities during school breaks
  • Consider specialized needs and interests such as athletics, learning differences, and the arts
  • Provide up to 8 family selected college profiles to help you understand and interpret college statistics in ways that are most meaningful to you

Depending on a student’s level of maturity, Doing College provides appropriate insights into the major ways colleges evaluate applicants with a focus on your student’s emerging admissions profile.

Continuing with Our Services

The last update session is usually midway through the sophomore year or freshman year, depending on when we enter into our contractual agreement, so we can plan summer. At the start of the junior year, we begin the comprehensive services, including unlimited hours for the assessment phase, college list and production phases. The assessment phase kicks off with the Initial Working Session.

To learn more about college counseling for High School Juniors, read on here.

“We were so fortunate to begin working with Elizabeth when our oldest daughter was in her sophomore year of high school, and we continued to rely on her vast knowledge and tremendous expertise all the way through the college application process. There’s no doubt in our minds that Elizabeth’s guidance made the college application process far less stressful for our daughter and exceedingly more manageable for our family. Having Elizabeth in our corner made the essential difference in the outcome for our daughter, who is now enjoying her freshman year at the school of her dreams!”

Marci and Patrick Dunne
Daughter, Libby
Emory University

“Even with all the hardships Nathaniel went through this past year, he did extremely well and also matured a lot. He has been admitted to several colleges, one with a very generous award. We will continue to seek your counsel until we make a final decision about where Nathaniel will get the support he needs to thrive in college.”

Nicole Elder
Son, Nathaniel

“Matthew is enjoying his senior year at Acalanes and has several great college choices, thanks to you! He was accepted at Trinity, Puget Sound with very significant scholarships, and his first choice Chapman University, where he is excited to play baseball. Please feel free to connect me with prospective families, and I will be happy to sing your praises!”

Beth and Drew Burns
Son, Matthew
Chapman University

“Although I have many great college opportunities, I have decided to attend SDSU and major in Dance. I couldn’t have done this without your support and guidance.”

Hana Neugebauer
San Diego State University

Specialized Guidance

High School Athletes

Talented college-bound student athletes offer a prized skillset to college campuses with DI, DII and DIII teams. Getting your special skills recognized and rewarded takes early planning and researching opportunities to showcase your talents. Doing College has demonstrated success in finding college matches that value the student’s athletic abilities and, most importantly, are good matches for your student’s academic goals and interests beyond their career in sports. Read more…

Students with Talents in the Visual and Performing Arts

Students gifted in music, drama, dance, design and film benefit greatly from expert guidance to find schools where their talents are appreciated and developed to their full potential. Doing College guides and supports these students through the admissions process, from selecting schools that are a great match through to providing them with support through portfolio development and auditioning processes. Read more…

Students Who Learn Differently

Although all schools offer some resources to support student learning, this support varies greatly. Doing College makes a comprehensive effort to find campuses where your student can thrive each year of study through graduation. Read more…

Students with Unique Circumstances

Students come to Doing College with many special circumstances that go beyond athletics or learning differences, such as lower grades or test scores, mixed transcript records and multiple school transfers. Each student is unique and those that require ‘special handling’ will thrive with our unique approach that offers understanding and guidance to a successful path to college and beyond.

Contact Doing College set up a Courtesy Session with Elizabeth LaScala to discuss our services by phone, Zoom or in-person.

Doing College offers educational consulting services to students and their parents in Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda and greater California, as well as nationally and internationally.

“Elizabeth, you had a huge role in helping our son accomplish his dream to attend a good university where he can also continue to play football and be supported by the right college atmosphere. In the fall, Caleb will have a position on the varsity team, and a full academic course load. We really appreciate all you have done for Caleb and all you will continue to do for our youngest, Krista!”

Kelley and Chris Casimere
Son, Caleb

“It’s hard to believe it’s been 8 months since we started working with you, and it went so fast! Thanks again for all the guidance and advice you gave all of us during this time. We are very appreciative and Ascher is excited for the fall at Lehigh University – you ROCK!”

Harry Loucks
Daughter, Ascher
ED Program, Lehigh University
Class of 2022