"Good news, I am officially enrolled at Northeastern University. The Northeastern Achievement Award for over $30,000 for 3 years is a big bonus and will considerably ease the burden on our family budget. My family and I couldn’t be more thrilled and, you were so right–I think Northeastern will be a wonderful fit for me, and I am looking forward to the experiences I will have there. I want to say thank you for all the advice and assistance you gave me during this process. Your help in the college search and months of essay guidance was invaluable to me. I am so happy with my final decision, and I know I couldn’t have made it here without your help! Again, thank you so much for everything."

Julia Eckstein Northeastern University

"Good news abounds in the college acceptance area: I got into every college I applied to! TCNJ, Delaware, Indiana, Stony Brook, Fordham, Pitt, and Brandeis all said yes (and Delaware, Indiana, TCNJ, and Stony Brook all offered me generous scholarships). This last week, over spring break, I went with my mom to tour colleges and finally narrowed it down to Pitt vs. Brandeis (based on cost, quality, and resources). I know I have all these terrific opportunities in large measure due to your support and guidance. I will update you as soon as I decide!"

Jordan Hardwick University of Pittsburgh

"I'll be attending University of Washington as a Pre-Veterinary major in the fall! I’m really excited and grateful for all the time and energy you put into helping me get to this point. Thanks again for everything! Couldn’t have done it without you!"

Becca Crisp U of Washington

"Elizabeth is professional and caring. She helped my daughter in selecting a college that is the best fit for her; as a result, my daughter received a lot of scholarships, and thrived in her college years. In two weeks, she is graduating with the highest honor. Elizabeth is now working with our youngest daughter, because we trust her and know the quality of her work. Thank you Elizabeth!"

Celia Chung Daughter, Clark University

"Ciaran is doing really well. He is very happy at Pomona, and we are so grateful that you suggested we visit the Claremont Colleges when he was in 11th grade! As soon as we walked onto the campus, Ciaran knew he wanted to go to Pomona."

Judy Meers Son, Ciaran Pomona College

"When faced with the initial task of evaluating hundreds of universities to select those that would be the right fit for our oldest son, my husband and I decided to employ Elizabeth’s help. Elizabeth took the time to get to know our son, my husband and me. Armed with vast knowledge of colleges across the country, she carefully assessed our son’s educational goals, weighed his strengths, listened carefully to what he wanted from his college experience, and then matched him with a range of universities to which she recommended he apply."

Charlotte and Gary Gibb Son, Troy George Washington University

Elizabeth LaScala - College Advisor

“The greatest reward is to know that you have actually affected a young person’s life in a positive way. This is the reason I started working in education and continues to be the source of my boundless motivation and energy.”

~ Elizabeth LaScala