"Huw is absolutely loving Becker. Again, another brilliant recommendation on your part that we would have had no clue about if you had not suggested it. Huw has transferred to the pre-vet program this semester, and is doing amazingly well. I had no clue as to what potential he had, as the grades he was getting in high school did not reflect his abilities. Well now I know. And you saw it at the start and I give you credit for that amazing insight of yours. He is taking advantage of every opportunity he comes across, and thriving in ways I never dreamed possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Judy Meers Son, Huw Becker College

"As a parent reflecting back on our journey with you as our guide, I can tell you with confidence you played a big role in helping our son see the possibilities beyond California and consider schools which we believed were completely out of reach—this was very important to my son and to us as parents. From the choices of schools at which he was accepted, including Brown, Georgetown and UCLA, he has decided he will attend Harvard. Also, your help appealing financial aid awards was pivotal in making schools more affordable. We wound up getting more from each private school and now we can actually afford Harvard. We thank you for all your patience and expertise. We would never have known to do, nor felt as empowered to do, all of what you strongly recommended if not for your guidance."

May Petrel
Son, Aaron, Harvard Class of 2018

Elizabeth LaScala - College Advisor

“The greatest reward is to know that you have actually affected a young person’s life in a positive way. This is the reason I started working in education and continues to be the source of my boundless motivation and energy.”

~ Elizabeth LaScala