The Hidden STEM Majors

By Elizabeth LaScala, PhD

Mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, aeronautical engineering, biomedical engineering: these are some of the engineering-focused STEM majors recognized by most students. Their popularity oftentimes drives up the competition, making it harder to get accepted into these programs and lowering access to qualified students. By being flexible, it’s possible to enroll in exciting, industry driven STEM majors that lead to great jobs. Here are a few you may not be aware of from Rochester Institute of Technology.

  1. Motion Picture Science is an “creative, innovative degree that combines engineering with the arts to inspire innovation in feature film, television, and animation production.” Students land jobs in companies like Sony, Technicolor, and Dolby.
  2. Packaging Science focuses on “new developments in materials and processes as eco-friendly product packaging has emerged as a growing way for companies to reduce the environmental impacts and the ecological footprints of product packaging.” It prepares students for employment in package development, sales, purchasing, structural design, production, research, and marketing.
  3. New Media Interactive Development “adapts digital technologies for social software, wearable devices, touch interfaces, virtual/augmented reality, the internet, and more.” Students should be excited about computers and work that is focused on new and emerging technology.
  4. Imaging Science is the most interdisciplinary of the hidden STEM majors as it “combines physics, math, computer science, and engineering to develop cutting-edge imaging systems for satellites, drones, AR/VR, and more.”

By thinking outside of the box, your STEM major options will increase along with job opportunities! Ask your advisor for a list of the colleges that offer one or more of these majors.