"Working with Elizabeth was the key to my success in the MBA application process. I was referred to her by my sister, who was accepted to all her top master’s programs in an entirely different field, and we both had fantastic experiences. Elizabeth was straight-forward, thoughtful, and timely with her feedback on my writing. As someone who had been separated from the professional writing space for several years, she gave me the guidance to write meaningful and effective application essays. All our work together culminated in acceptance to my number one choice of MBA program!"

MBA candidate at Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management
Class of 2024

"Elizabeth was an amazing help to me during my medical application process. She took time to personally get to know my profile, interests, and experiences; this helped me craft the best possible medical school application. Elizabeth truly cares about every person she works with. She was extremely compassionate throughout my medical application process and was always willing to offer her advice, even after we were done with revisions and my account was closed. Elizabeth genuinely wants everyone to succeed, and I really appreciated her professional and personal guidance throughout a complex and stressful process!"

Phanisri Tummala
UC Irvine School of Nursing
Class of 2023

"We can't thank you enough for all your support on Tantzie's college applications. 😊 She was ultimately admitted to all 8 colleges she applied to, including her ED school, Wellesley! Tantzie is very excited to join Wellesley as a premed student and so are we to see her attend!"

Tantzie Zamani
Class of 2028

"I plan to attend UCLA next fall! I owe you a huge thank you for all your help during this process; it has been amazing, and I couldn't have done it without you! For me, the most helpful service was the warmup writing assignment and your subsequent review of it as to which pieces of writing would be best suitable for college application questions. I think that without the warmup and your review, I would have had difficulty coming up with ideas to write about or ideas that I wasn't 100% sure I was confident in. And of course, the hours of essay editing were a huge help as well. I loved the confidence I began to feel as I felt like I understood what colleges were looking for after a while of editing back and forth with you."

Ashlyn Chin
Class of 2027

"After the anguish of being rejected by many colleges and waitlisted at two, we sought out your advice in the 2-hour consultation. Thanks so much for the clear-eyed assessment and for not sugar-coating anything—that was both needed and appreciated by us! Following your advice, our daughter was admitted from one of the waitlisted schools, just as you predicted might happen! It is a great fit for her!"

Miriam and Frank Poet (parents)
Scripps College
Class of 2023

"Our son has decided to go to Loyola Chicago! He is very excited and looking forward to attending Loyola. He was awarded the Dean’s scholarship. He also received scholarships from DePaul and Hofstra. He was admitted to University of Oregon, UConn, and TCNJ. As parents, we want to thank you again for your commitment for the last couple of years. We really appreciate everything you have done for us and you definitely made the college admissions process easier for us and far more successful for our son."

Heidi Choi and Tony Lee (parents)
Class of 2023

Elizabeth LaScala - College Advisor

“The greatest reward is to know that you have actually affected a young person’s life in a positive way. This is the reason I started working in education and continues to be the source of my boundless motivation and energy.”

~ Elizabeth LaScala