Lamorinda Living Podcast: Lafayette’s Elizabeth LaScala discusses what to expect when attending college this Fall

Listen to my recent podcast with Lamorinda Living, where I provide updates on what students can expect when attending colleges this fall amidst COVID-19.

For instance, when talking about seniors, who have already been accepted and have plans to attend a certain school this fall, they are forced with the decision on whether they should go, defer, take a gap year, or look at another option.

Parents should be finding out what the college is doing in regards to health and safety for incoming freshmen and returning students. College leadership has to be transparent and honest. They need to put out consistent messaging that helps parents understand how their children will be treated once they get to campus, and they need to be willing to communicate changes in their policies and stay current with and follow public health guidelines.

I also discuss the challenges facing colleges, especially in terms of financial stability and viability as well address the health and safety concerns of their faculty and staff.

Smaller colleges are coming up with innovative solutions such as block scheduling (which I discuss with the host Jennifer LaForce in detail), while many larger colleges are going remote for 70%-80% of their classes.

Parents and students need to consider whether the type of scheduling their selected school will implement will adversely impact their chosen course of studies.

In my opinion, families also need to evaluate how a student’s return home may affect the health of the household; in that regard getting rapid and accurate test results and moving toward mandatory rather than voluntary testing for COVID testing at colleges will be important.

Listen now to hear about all of this as well as discussion about sports, housing and more.