Graduate and Professional School Admissions

For many college students and individuals already in the workforce, higher education is increasingly necessary to advance careers. Applying successfully to programs to earn an advanced degree requires careful planning, including taking the right coursework in college and earning strong scores on the required standardized tests. In addition to academic achievement, many programs want to see a record of service to the community, research, and relevant work experience in the specific areas related to the degree path.

Doing College and Beyond adjusts the level and type of services offered to individuals based on where they are in the admissions process, including students who are currently studying at the undergraduate level or persons who have started their work career.

Elizabeth LaScala has successfully cultivated a network of expert consultants who are available to support specific content needs in engineering, health care, mathematics, humanities and the sciences. This enables her to bring you the highest qualified service in specific content areas as she personally guides you through the entire admissions process.

Elizabeth LaScala specializes in medical, dental and veterinarian school admissions, as well as physician assistant, physical therapy and nursing degree paths. Elizabeth only accepts five applicants each cycle, so she can continue to offer support that meets the needs of each applicant.

Medical School Admissions


Law and Business Admissions


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