Specialized Guidance

High School Athletes

Talented college-bound student athletes offer a prized skillset to college campuses with DI, DII and DIII teams. Getting your special skills recognized and rewarded takes early planning and researching opportunities to showcase your talents. Doing College has demonstrated success in finding college matches that value the student’s athletic abilities and, most importantly, are good matches for your student’s academic goals and interests beyond their career in sports. Read more…

Students with Talents in the Visual and Performing Arts

Students gifted in music, drama, or dance benefit greatly from expert guidance to find colleges where their talents are appreciated and developed to their full potential. Doing College guides and supports these students through the admissions process, from selecting schools that are a great match to supporting them through portfolio development and auditioning processes. Read more…

Students Who Learn Differently

Although all schools offer some resources to support student learning, this support varies greatly. Doing College makes a comprehensive effort to find campuses where your student can thrive each year of study through graduation. Read more…

Students with Unique Circumstances

Students come to Doing College with many special circumstances that go beyond athletics or learning differences, such as lower grades or test scores, mixed transcript records and multiple school transfers. Each student is unique and those that require ‘special handling’ will thrive with our unique approach that offers understanding and guidance to a successful path to college and beyond.

Contact Doing College for more information. We offer educational consulting services to students and their parents in Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda California as well as nationally and internationally.

“I’ll be attending University of Washington in the fall! I’m really excited and grateful for all the time and energy you put into helping me get to this point. Thanks again for everything! Couldn’t have done it without you!

Becca Crisp
U of Washington
Class of 2017