Ready to start planning for college? It’s never too early.

Making the transition from middle school to high school is a big change for students and their families; and the high school years lay a firm foundation for college and your career. Find out how Doing College can help at each step of the way.

Middle School Students

Middle school classes set the foundation for high school coursework and the high school academic record is at the heart of the college application.
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High School Freshmen and Sophomores

Careful planning during the first years of high school makes a big impact on your chances for admission when you apply to college.
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High School Juniors

The Junior Introductory Session is the starting point for selecting the right fit college list and developing a strong and cohesive application.
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High School Seniors

Advice regarding options after letters of acceptance are received and making the final college selection.
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College Transfer Students

There are several transfer paths a student may choose to follow including transfer from a 2-year college to a 4-year institution or from one 4-year school to another.
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Graduate Students

Applying successfully to programs to earn an advanced degree requires careful planning, including taking the right coursework in college and working as an intern, fellow or employee in related areas.
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“With four loving parents, my daughter had all the advice she could ever wish for when it came to college. But what she really needed was an objective and sage advisor to guide her through the process. That’s where Elizabeth came into the picture, navigating the diverse needs and expectations amongst the five of us. Ultimately, Elizabeth directed the focus to our daughter. It sounds rational, but getting there required commitment, passion and expertise on the part of Elizabeth.

No words can express the deep sense of gratitude I have for her.  She became the ‘rock’ that our daughter needed through many challenging, life altering decisions, not to mention the never ending tasks of forming the list of safety, target and reach schools, writing essays, completing applications, etc., all in a timely manner.

In the fall our daughter will attend American University under a Dean’s Scholarship. With Elizabeth’s guidance, she found a school that perfectly aligns with her needs and desires. I highly recommend Elizabeth’s services!”

Sam Lucente
Daughter, Emily Lucente
American University
Class of 2017